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At Klassen, the engineering team drives the innovation that sets us apart. Our technical design strategy, closely linked to the foundry process, reduces the product cost by analyzing specific and atypic conditions, decreasing waste, and producing lighter pieces through the creation of casts with specialized CNC machines.


The specialized processes of production and precision machining at the Klassen shop are essential in the pieces from the foundry into the elements that make up an innovative pumping equipment. With 20 years of experiences and equipped with an unique group of 50 CNC machines, operated by expert personnel, we machine bowls, impellers, pipe and coupling, oil tube and shaf within an optimal lead time.

Assembly and laboratory

Our integral innovation in pumping equipment is supported by our exhaustive quality control. In the assembly and laboratory division at Klassen, our sumergible and turbine pumps between 60 gym and 4,000 gpm are manually assembled and then thoroughly tested. In this manner, we ensure our promise of efficiency and the optimal behavior of a working pump.

Parts and repairs

At Klassen, we have original parts for all of the models and pumping equipment of our brand. Linked to our strategy and knowledge for global innovation, our diagnostic process enables us to optimize our products to their ideal capacities, adapting to specific and atypic conditions. Our team will support you through inspection, quotation of the repair, and a proposal for a personalized solution.

Manufacturing and integration

Committed to integral innovation, the division of manufacturing and integration allows us to build solutions to optimize the versatility of our production lines and service. The Klassen crane is a highlight among these products, used during installation, extraction and  testing of pumping equipment with columns up to 20 feet long, always designed according to the customer’s specific needs.

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